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“Everyone’s A Star And Deserves The Right To Twinkle.”

About Zan TV

How a small band of innovators brought movie magic to millions.

Zan TV is an exclusive women-led TV channel that supports, motivates and empowers the Afghan Women worldwide. With around 50 women employees, it’s the only TV channel in Afghanistan that is for women and by women. Zan TV supports the rights of Afghan Women and aims to protect them by educating and creating awareness through  programs and shows. Zan TV is a platform for all women, where they can find support, motivation, share ideas and experiences, to become better and advanced individual women, who know their rights and can inspire others to develop their skills, do better in live, to stand up for themselves and raise their voice and become whatever they like. At Zan TV, our success is the achievement of our hard working and dedicated staff and we’re proud of our achievements. The Zan TV team puts every day all our powers and creativity together to develop more and better programs for the Afghan women and the future of Afghanistan.

Mission and vision

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to give Afghan woman a center stage in digital media, consulting her political, legal, economic, social, cultural and psychological status A platform, where she can showcase her achievements and strength, share her innovative ideas and concepts, discuss her challenges and issues, voice her opinion against violence, harassment and gender based discrimination Furthermore, develop solutions on how to promote gender equality and women empowerment in Afghanistan Our vision in equal rights, equal opportunities and equal participation of men and women in Afghanistan, in order to enhance our chance of achieving the development goal.

“Everyone’s A Star And Deserves The Right To Twinkle.”

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